Wednesday, April 8, 2009


United States shipping charges:
1-2 items $3.00
3-4 items $4.00
5-6 items $6.00
7-8 items $7.00
9-10 items $8.00
11+ items Contact me

Canada shipping charges:
1-3 items $6.00
4-5 items $7.00
6-7 items $8.00
8-9 items $8.50
10+ items Contact me

I ship with USPS. I try to keep my shipping charges as low as possible. Please note that these prices do not apply to beads only orders. However, I do keep bead order shipping as low as possible also.

I will ship to any country. Please contact me to find out shipping charges for other countries.


karina said...

do you post to australia??

PECK said...

Yes, I will ship to Australia! Contact me at for more information.

Anonymous said...

do you post to Europe, the Netherlands?

PECK said...

Yes! I will ship to any country. Contact me at